Antique glass cookie jar

Collecting antique glass items is something a number of people enjoy doing and among the glass items that they try and find for such a collection, the antique glass cookie jar is probably one of the things that they enjoy finding the most.

An antique glass cookie jar is often sought after simply because they stir up memories of childhood and the tasty cookies that were often found in these containers in those early days.

While you can still place cookies in an antique glass cookie jar, most collectors of these items simply display them on display cases and cupboards without anything within to help keep curious hands away from it.

antique glass cookie jarThe usual shape an antique glass cookie jar comes in is the rounded shape with a lid and a glass knob for a lid handle.

The most common colors that an antique glass cookie jar can come in include pink, amber, clear and blue, among a number of others. These jars are often made of clear glass, although there may be a few that are made of opaque or smoky glass.

These old cookie jars can be bought with a low starting price of at least $20 each with other harder to find kinds going at the lowest price of $50 each.

There are auction sites where you can find an antique glass cookie jar to your liking and you can try and obtain it by placing the highest bid for such an item.

There are also websites that sell antique glass items that are set at a certain price and you can have your antique glass cookie jar from these sites without the fear of having somebody outbidding you. The offerings on an antique glass online store are often sold in sets or as individual pieces and can be purchased outright by collectors of such items.

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Antique glass cookie jar

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