How to start an antique glass or bottle collection?

Have you been thinking of taking up a new hobby lately?

Decorative antique glass bottles can be beautiful and satisfying to collect. And they are not that hard to find.There are many sources of antique bottle that are much easier to find compared to other collectable items.

But most common delimna of starters is the Questions of How to begin? Where and what to start?

Let it be Apothecary (drug store) bottles or Coca-Cola, gin, perfume, beer, snuff or pickle bottles. The Internet can be your doorway into the world of collectable antique bottles. Gathering information before you start collecting your antique glasses or bottles can save you time, trouble and money. Make this collecting hobby a fine start to have fun and rewarding new pastime.

How to Start an Antique Glass or Bottle CollectionBelow are some helpful steps on how to start you antique bottle collecting.

Step One: Decide on what type of antique bottle collecting you truely want. Visit an antique glass or bottles collectors website or antique bottle or glass directory like and look for pictures of the various types or kinds of glass that collectors value the most.

Step Two: You must consider size, shape, color and ease of storage before you decide on which kinds of bottles you would like to collect.

Step Three: Ask yourself this questions. Am I able to afford this kind of collection? Do I have small children or pets that could harm the pieces? Do I live in an area where there are earthquakes?

Think carefully before you begin your journey into the art of antique glass and bottle collecting.

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How to start an antique glass or bottle collection?

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