Antique glass pill bottle

Collectors of antique glass items will definitely want an antique glass pill bottle or two to add to their collection and these bottles are usually pretty easy to find since there are quite a number of them in the market.

The kind of antique glass pill bottle you might want for your antique glass collection can be the point where you will need to do a bit of work since there are a lot to sift through when you are searching for a particular antique glass pill bottle on an auction site that carries a lot of these items.

The price of an antique glass pill bottle can range from a measly $.30 to as high as a few hundred dollars, depending of course on the age of the antique glass pill bottle in question as well as the condition it is in.

antique glass pill bottleThe usual going price for an antique glass pill bottle that was manufactured in the 1920s is about $.50 while an antique glass pill bottle that was made in the mid 1800s can command an asking price of $50 and higher, depending again on how rare the bottle is and how near its original state it is.

Looking for an antique glass pill bottle can be an adventure too, if you go beyond the usual auction sites that a lot of collectors seem to haunt. You can take little trips to small, old towns and browse through their old shops for some of these old bottles to add to your collection.

You can also search for an antique glass pill bottle or two at garage sales or flea markets you just happen to pass by. How you come about having your collectibles and how unique your collection can be is usually dependent on how resourceful you can be.

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Antique glass pill bottle

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