Antique glass rose bowls

People who love decorating their houses with the use of fresh flowers will certainly love using antique glass rose bowls to add a vintage touch to their decorating ideas.

The use of antique glass rose bowls as containers for floral arrangements can add a touch of class and nostalgia to a coffee table or can serve as a focal point for a dining table as a centerpiece.

These antique glass rose bowls are usually made with elaborate designs and etchings that can easily draw a person's attention to it and with or without the flowers that are often placed in these antique glass rose bowls, these items can easily earn the admiring looks of glass collectors and non-collectors alike.

You can start your own collection of antique glass rose bowls by looking through certain antique glass websites for a piece or two that can start you on the road to glass collecting.

You can collect only antique glass rose bowls at the beginning and slowly expand to include other glass made items or you can focus solely on these antique glass rose bowls and other items that are shaped similarly, like candy dishes and glass trays. These items are pretty easy to find since there are a number of auction sites that do carry a number of these items on sale.

You can also find antique glass rose bowls from online stores that sell a lot of different kinds of antiques or antique glass items. These antique glass rose bowls are usually sold at a starting price of as low as $4.00 to as high as a few hundred, depending on the rarity and quality of the item.

These items come in numerous colors - some dark and some light - and they can also come in many different shapes - oval, round, oblong and such. These glass rose bowls can also come with designs worked into the glass or are made with smooth surfaces.

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