How to identify antique glassware?

Antique has for a long time been known to be anything that was made a hundred or more years ago, others below this time period is described as vintage.

Many people still have a challenge in identifying antique glassware, this article will enable you to attain enough stepwise knowledge in doing so and increase the degree of accuracy in identifying antique glassware.

The initial step in identifying a glassware is to look for any marks. To ensure this, it is highly recommended to use a magnifying lens, because in most cases the mark is usually faint. It is also important to check in all dimensions and its orientation, making sure you examine all sides of the glassware, to use the reflection and refraction of light will disclose any hidden or tiny marks.

Getting the mark is for sure a great achievement in that you can now find the company who made the glassware using the glassmaker marks book. You can also use the internet search engines to understand look up the mark because it is easier and faster, it is a good alternative when the mark books are missing.

Antique glassware markings

When you have successfully found the mark of some sort, be it a symbol, a trademark or kind of a signature, and you intend to use the internet search engine, you may need to try different results.

According to their descriptions that you have gotten e.g. using a simple description mark 'C' that you got in a diamond, you need to type “glass 'C' in diamond” this will give you Cambridge Glass company, in that case you have successfully identified it. If the search does not give good results it is recommended t apply the advanced search function.

Sometimes finding the mark proves impossible, hence one should look up for any kind of scratches which therefore proves it being old, but this is considered to have low accuracy in estimate the age of the glassware it finds great application to someone who has a lot of experience in this field, when you have find a highly polished glass, it indicates that the glassmaker took time to dress the glass ending up polishing the pontil mark.

Antique glassware patterns

Glasses may possess some patterns. Pressed glass is an example, the idea behind this is that that different patterns are for different ages. Especially in the 19th century, it is not hard to find their exact dates.

Another obstacle in using the pattern method is the remake or reproductions that were in the recent past, but this should not worry you because you can examine its quality interns of clarity, light among other qualities, poor qualities indicate a reproduction.

If the above methods produces inefficient answers ,you can this particular basic skill, you can use black light and direct it on the glass, this especially used in authentication of Vaseline glass, the method is really useful in checking repairs especially these with paintings.

When in confusion or doubt and you are unable to find help online, it advisable to visit a local antique shop that deals with glassware or simply contact a glassware collectors group, to take you through the identification process.

Using etches that are likely to be found on antique glasswares ,m ay also add success in this process,what you do is to take a proper inspection all around the geometry of the glassware using a magnifying lens,sometimes you may be lucky enough to find that the manufacturer etchached a small or a tiny version of the company’s name or logo. If there is no marks or letters or a kind of pattern, you can use the shape of pattern, search it on a replacement glassware website,of course using the pattern’s search terms such as “cherries”.

When dealing with household glassware that are usually sold in set you can as well use one single item n that set,which luckily may still be existing as the original thing,the item usually share a common ancestry.

Conclusively, the basis for identifying the antique glasswares is to look at it physically, hunting for stamps, markings, patterns, logo or any other useful feature then doing a further research on the same, using the best available and most appropriate resource, be it mark books, olderexperience, internet among other reliable sources.

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