Antique glass articles

Antique glassware appraisal
Antique glass appraisals require more than just being able to identify the kind of glassware and its age and origin.

How to identify antique glassware?
Antique has for a long time been known to be anything that was made a hundred or more years ago, others below this time period is described as vintage.

Antique glass rose bowls
People who love decorating their houses with the use of fresh flowers will certainly love using antique glass rose bowls to add a vintage touch to their decorating ideas.

Antique glass pill bottle
Collectors of antique glass items will definitely want an antique glass pill bottle or two to add to their collection

Antique glass cookie jar
The usual shape an antique glass cookie jar comes in is the rounded shape with a lid and a glass knob for a lid handle.

Choosing your antique glass carefully
Nowadays, modern glassware is extremely affordable. Nobody wants to pay antique glass prices for glasses that look modern.

How to start an antique glass or bottle collection?
Decorative antique glass bottles can be beautiful and satisfying to collect. And they are not that hard to find.

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